4 August 2020

Which canned fish should you choose?

Above all, regardless of the method of preparation, fish meat is a source of easily digestible protein with very good amino acid composition.

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14 June 2020

What to eat to increase immunity?

In an era of increased risk of developing viral or bacterial infections, each of us wonders – what can you do for your own body to help its fight against microbes.

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20 April 2020

How and what fish to eat to not get bored of them

Do you like quick solutions and spectacular effects in the kitchen? Then you already know what culinary intelligence is

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2 April 2020

Canned fish – to eat or not to eat? A nutritionist tackles the myths.

In my office, I often come across various arguments, which unfortunately have no coverage in scientific research. A large number of them actually relate to fish and, in particular, the canned variety. So I decided to tackle the most common food-related myths. Here are some of them:

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9 March 2019

Salatino for busy people

You don’t have time or any idea for dinner? No problem! We invite you to try our new Salatino Express products. This is a perfect option for people who appreciate delicious, healthy and valuable products. You don’t have time or any idea for dinner? No problem! We invite you to try our new Salatino Express […]

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Salting and seasoning of fish

We salt and season our fish at least an hour before we simmer or fry it. Before frying, fish having many fish bones, such as breams, or roach fish, should be cut every 1 cm along their sides, in a parallel. As a result, the fish will fry itself fast and evenly whilst its fish […]

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How to know when a fish is fresh?

If the gills and jaw of the fish is light pink, or light red (depending on the species) and its flesh is close the body, you may be sure it is fresh. Additional features of fresh fish are: convex, light and shiny eyes, and the pliant meat. Once the gills are whitened, or covered with […]

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How to scale a fish?

First, wash the fish under cold tap water. Scales which are difficult to remove may be scraped off with knife or a fish grater. To make the process of scales removal more effective you may drizzle some vinegar on the skin of the fish, leave it for a couple of minutes, or immerse in a […]

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How to get rid of taste of mud in your fish?

The over taste of mud may be eliminated by covering fish with onion rings or slices of lemon. You may also drizzle fish’s meat with lemon juice. Another idea is to keep your fish for five hours in a solution of 5 litres of water, 2 round spoons of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of […]

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