How and what fish to eat to not get bored of them

What is culinary intelligence?

Do you like quick solutions and spectacular effects in the kitchen? Then you already know what culinary intelligence is. It is an approach to cooking during which you will save time and often, also money, while at the same time not compromising with regards to the quality of meals. Culinary intelligence is the efficient preparation of meals that do not have to be minimalistic. Quite the contrary – they can surprise your family or guests. Sophisticated flavors, an eye-catching way of serving and the use of new inspirations do not necessarily mean standing over the stove for a long time, but your guests don’t need to know that. Use smart methods and use your culinary intelligence thanks to a clever approach to cooking. Here are 3 ways for smart cooking in your kitchen!

Method 1: Go for convenient products

That does not mean that you have to choose ready-made food full of preservatives. Quite the contrary – choose wisely and read the ingredients, but don’t lose your mind. Many canned products can positively surprise you. A good example are Graal fish, which you can always store in your home pantry. They do not contain preservatives, they have short ingredient lists, and the variety of flavors can make your head spin. How can they be used in a smart kitchen? Preparing an aromatic fish tapas! It’s a delicious and healthy fish paste served on bread. The dish stems from Mediterranean cuisine, but it has already conquered North America and Europe. How can it be made? Choose your favorite Graal fish and drain the marinade. Crumble the fish, add chopped herbs, vegetables which you have on hand, a pinch of salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Combine the ingredients and spread the paste on croutons, crispbread or whole grain bread cut into small pieces.

Method 2: Take care of the “wow” effect

Do you want to create a radiant smile on your guests’ faces during a house party, or maybe cheers of delight from the people you share the home with? Ensure that even simple dishes are served with flair. You can do this by using dishes with interesting shapes or colors. A proven method is also a fanciful arrangement of meals on the plate, for example in a specific shape. A spiral from small sandwiches on a large platter, snacks topped with a fun decoration, or maybe a decorative sauce grid? There are a lot of methods that do not require much effort but create the “wow” effect. If you have prepared several types of pastes using Graal fish, offer your guests the chance to taste freely from an unusual dish. Hollow a large tomato or pepper and fill it with paste. It won’t take much time, and the effect will exceed your expectations. That’s what culinary intelligence is about!

Method 3: Plan ahead

Ensure that your kitchen has all the products necessary to prepare meals. Running to the store to buy one missing ingredient can knock you off your rhythm and take up a lot of time. Ensure that your home pantry and fridge always contain basic products, which you can use to prepare quick meals. Preserves and cans with a long shelf life are also a good solution because they can save you from culinary stress. Such dishes do not have to be boring! Discover surprising flavors of Graal that will inspire you to cook smart. Mackerel fillets in a sweet BBQ sauce, WILDFISH Herring fillets in sea-salt water, or maybe Mackerel fillets with piri-piri in oil? Which flavor do you fancy today?