13 November 2016 |

The Graal company is continuously working on broadening its products so now customers can buy the latest grilled mackerel fillets in oil flavored with lemon and olive oil extra virgin.

We have made every effort to ensure that our products have become the undisputed leader in gluten-free products which are available on Polish market.

Our products are delicious and healthy and they are a perfect option for a quick snack during the day – at work, at school and as a supplement to family dinners and picnics.

In comparison to other products available on Polish market, they are distinguished by an extraordinary taste and a rich nutrient content. It is worth to say that to produce these products we do not use any preservatives.

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1 March 2023

Buy and win! Graal’s lottery 2023

50 000 PLN main price and 10 000 PLN weekely – that’s what You can win by participating in Graal’s 2023 lottery! Just buy at least 2 our products, keep Your proof of purchase and register on a lottery’s page. Click here to join and lear all about the details:  WIN WITH GRAAL *Lottery takes […]

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10 February 2023

Join the green revolution!

The green revolution with Graal continues, the next “green products” in the our portfolio are full of superfoods and tofu vegetable salads. Taste the first such product on the Poland’s market! ➡️ Bowl of vegetables with tofu, quinoa, sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds ➡️ Bowl of vegetables with tofu, barley, spinach and hemp seeds

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15 November 2022

Sinatra Way in Graal’s tune

Sinatra Way in Graal’s tune

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